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Rohan Bhende is a history scholar of Modern Indian History. Since 2013, Rohan has found the RAO’s Media Group, a 370-employee company in Delhi involved in Newspaper and Books Publishing. The Children Express, Is the first newspaper publication, he leads. In 2015, he started The Student Expres and moved its operations to Delhi. He is the chairman of the RAO’s Media Group and R K Publication. Rohan is chairman of the Editorial Board for The Student Express and R K Publication at Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. He is A Founding Member of “The Rubric”, An Academic Journal. Chairman of Editorial Board for “Researcher – The Step of Success” – A Science Journal, An Owner of R. K. Publication, An Owner of R.K. Printers. Bhende’s major works are Indira Gandhi and the Indo-Pak War of 1971, Modern Indian War History: 1947 to 2001, The Modern Indian History – Vol I, Vol II, Vol III, Adhunik Bhartacha Itihas – Vol I, Vol II, A Biography “The Real Fighter” In his first work, Indira Gandhi and the Indo-Pak War of 1971 published in 2012, Bhende situates Indira’s policy of war in its social and political context, as a countries neighbors how important in war. Modern Indian History deals with the period from 1857 early times to the end of the British ERA includes a comparative study of News Publications and Policy systems and examines the role of Newspaper in social protest and social mobility in the Freedom system. “The Value of Democracy and Problem’s in Indian Democracy” topic continuously discuss as a speaker. Rohan is the Son of Sunanda and Madhukar Bhende, who served life as a farmer. As a student, he attended school and colleges in various cities in India.”

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